Fire Sealant

Fire Sealant is a one part, low modulus, nonpartisan fix, halogen free item. It is appropriate for the fixing of development joints and around pipe infiltrations which have been secured by the suggested Pyroplex intumescent item. It is likewise perfect for the weathersealing of drape walling, building veneers and extension joints in fire rated dividers. It is fire rated as long as 4 hours and offers magnificent grip to numerous basic construction substrates. It has exceptional protection from ozone, UV and temperature boundaries also, is tack free in two hours.

Fire Stop Sealant


  • Fast fix [tack free in 2 hours].
  • Outstanding protection from ozone, UV and temperature limits.
  • Fire obstruction as long as 240 minutes.
  • Fire Rated Silicone Sealant is fire evaluated – it isn't intumescent.
  • Excellent bond to numerous basic construction substrates.

Fire Stop Sealant

Fire stop is Material or mix of materials used to hold integrity of fire-evaluated development by keeping up a compelling boundary against the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases through infiltrations in fire rated divider and floor gatherings. Also tested to oppose the section of smoke, fire and water through development joints and through-entrances.

Fire stop Sealant is used to seal small gaps with the help of penetrants (like civil pipes, ducts, electrical cables, etc.) passing through walls or floors in buildings. The aim of fire sealant is to seal any small openings (up to 2-4 cm in diameter) so as to avoid a fire from traveling from a fire area to another area of a building. Fire Sealant, is like passive fire products, have a fire rating which specifies the time it will stop fire for. Any passive fire product will have a fire rating of up to a maximum of 4 hours.

Fire Sealant


  • Accessible in a Gun Grade or Self Leveling.
  • Ozone and UV Resistant
  • Astounding recuperation from joint expansion and pressure
  • Recorded in more than 175 UL Tested Systems


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