concrete admixture

Concrete is one among the most broadly utilized and adaptable construction materials worldwide and its uses are expected to continue expanding. Expanding construction uses over the world are likewise to boost the demand for concrete admixtures, as it is principally utilized for enhancing the concrete properties during construction.

What are concrete admixture?

Admixtures are a type of chemicals that are added to concrete besides cement, water and aggregate while mixing to improve its properties and make it better and stronger. Concrete in itself is a strong mixture yet the addition of admixtures makes it stronger, tough, waterproof, and resistant to all kinds of weathering conditions. The best quality admixtures should be used to get the best results.

Ready Mixed Concrete Admixture Technology

Sika concrete admixtures not only meet high requirements for durability, they fit the trends of recent concrete placing and architecture angles together with ecological necessities.

concrete admixture

Functions of Concrete Admixture

As clarified above, admixtures are added to improve concrete properties. Significant capacities and advantages of utilizing admixtures are below

  • To improve functionality of new concrete
  • To improve toughness by entrainment of air
  • To decrease the water required
  • To quicken setting and solidifying and in this way to create high early quality
  • To give water repellent/water sealing property
  • To cause scattering of the concrete particles when blended in with water
  • To hinder setting
  • To improve wear resistance(hardness)
  • To balance/lessen shrinkage during setting and solidifying
  • To cause development of concrete and programmed prestressing of steel
  • To impart color shading to concrete
  • To lessen dying