A Floor Grinding System

A Floor Grinding System so much more than just a natural and living surface. Look a little closer and you’ll discover the super powers that make your floor unique.

A Floor Grinding System Is Cost Effective

A FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM is a very cost-effective solution – for the short term, long term and everything in between. The cost per square meter is surprisingly low, since the concrete is usually already in place. But FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM is also a smart alternative for new construction since grinding can begin just 5–7 days after casting.

The result: double the amount of rainwater discharge at half the pipe diameter

There is also greater design freedom in terms of planning, since there is no longer any need for pipelines that have to be laid with a slope.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Your FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM will always be super-easy to keep in like-new condition. The smartest way to keep your floor clean is to use a floor-cleaning machine with diamond pads. This not only cleans the floor, it micro-polishes it too using only water. Manual cleaning, such as with a vacuum cleaner or wet mop, also works well.

After several years, the floor gains a natural patina. If preferred, it can be polished to easily restore its original gloss. There is no practical limit as to how many times the process can be repeated.


Step-by-step to your FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM

When a concrete floor is cast the strongest material, the stone aggregate, settles below the surface leaving mainly cement at the upper surface.

The HTC Superfloor process entails mechanically enhancing a newly cast or existing concrete floor. The concrete is ground step-by-step according to a well-defined process for achieving the desired characteristics.

Your FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM is there, just beneath the surface! You’ll get your first glimpse of it once you grind away the top layer. Continue grinding and polishing to bring out its full luster. The more aggregate exposed, the stronger the floor.

  • The original method, refined over the decades.
  • On average 40% lower life cycle costs than with traditional flooring solutions.
  • Works just as well for new floors as when renovating existing floors.
  • The grinding process is entirely dry, without sludge or water.
  • Extreme evenness means low vibrations.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Easy to maintain.

Unlimited service life

A FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM has a nearly unlimited service life and it can handle the toughest treatment imaginable. Concrete is 80–85% stone and sand, which means your FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM is comparable to rock. Clean it in accordance with HTC’s recommendations, and little more will be needed in the way of maintenance.

Multiple Aapplicatio Areas

FLOOR GRINDING SYSTEM can be used almost anywhere. The naturally beautiful surface helps in creating a positive impression in shop environments, for example. Its durability and evenness are especially appreciated in factories and warehouses. The easily cleaned surface makes the floor a popular choice for schools, museums, shopping centers, airport terminals, gyms and other highly trafficked areas.

Resistance to wear

Source: SP Report P303050, SS 137241

  • Industrial and warehouse environments
  • Public buildings
  • Shops and showrooms
  • High-end architecture