roof drainage system | geberit syphonic roof drainage system

GEBERIT syphonic roof drainage system

The system with negative pressure

More convenient and faster handling

  • More compact construction and an ergonomic design for all Geberit roof outlets up to 25 l/s
  • New twist lock mechanism for easy installation and maintenance
  • Extra-long Geberit HDPE straight connectors for greater flexibility in terms of installation

Easier and reliable planning

  • BIM data for Autodesk Revit
  • Geberit Pluvia product finder

Fewer Pipelines, More Performance.

Geberit Pluvia drains roofs efficiently and reliably even under the heaviest rainfall. Because significantly less product material and space is required for siphonic roof drainage than for conventional systems, free space is created. Greater design freedom in planning, higher cost-effectiveness during installation and operation – all good reasons to choose Geberit expertise. Through tried-and-tested technology, innovative details and a holistic service, GEBERIT syphonic roof drainage system has been setting new standards for many years.

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Geberit Roof Drainage with Negative pressure.

The right technology ensures a better result.

While conventional systems simply allow rain to run off through sloping pipes, the compact Geberit Pluvia syphonic roof drainage system pipe fills up quickly and extracts the rainwater from the roof using the resultant negative pressure. The Geberit Pluvia roof outlets prevent air from being sucked in and guarantee reliable performance.

The result: double the amount of rainwater discharge at half the pipe diameter

There is also greater design freedom in terms of planning, since there is no longer any need for pipelines that have to be laid with a slope.

Roof Drainage System
Roof Drainage System

Fewer roof outlets

Thanks to the high discharge rate of the siphonic system, fewer roof outlets are required. This results in savings in product material and the amount of work needed, while also preserving the roof.

Smaller pipe diameter

Smaller pipe diameter Geberit Pluvia pipelines are designed for complete filling. This reduces the

Fewer discharge stacks

Because the pipes are filled completely, fewer drains are required. The result: greater flexibility in planning.

Self-cleaning system

The high flow velocity of more than 0.5 m/s when the pipeline is filled produces suction which contributes to the self-cleaning of the system. This ultimately means less time spent on maintenance.


  • High savings in materials
  • Fast installation
  • Architectural flexibility of design due to optimal use of space
  • High flow capacity results in efficient self-cleaning effect
  • High performance and reliability
  • Possible to pre-install the pipe system on the floor (prefabrication)