Sika Hyflex-160 Construction

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SikaHyflex®-160 Construction is a 1-component, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant used for designed for movement and connection joints in concrete and masonry facades. .

sika hyflex-160

SikaHyflex®-160 Construction

One-component, Moisture-curing, Elastic Joint Sealant.

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Sausage
Brand Sika Chemicals
Model No SikaHyflex®-160 Construction
Basic Name Sealant for Concrete and Masonry Facades
Usage/Application Designed for movement and connection joints in concrete and masonry facades
  • Bubble-free curing
  • Good workability
  • Solvent free
  • Category Joint sealant
    Appearance / Colours Colour range to be defined by local sales organization
    Packaging 300 ml cartridge, 12 cartridges per box
    600 ml foil pack, 20 foil packs per box
    Storage Condition SikaHyflex®-160 Construction shall be stored in dry conditions, where it is protected from direct sunlight and at temperatures between +5 °C and +25 °C.
    Product Catalogue :

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    SikaHyflex®-160 Construction

    Sealant for Concrete and Masonry Facades

    USES :

    • Designed for movement and connection joints in concrete and masonry facades.


    • Movement capability of ± 35% (ASTM C 719)
    • Bubble-free curing
    • Good adhesion to many substrates
    • Very low emissions

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