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Sika® MultiSeal® T
Bituminous Sealing Tape
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Sika® MultiSeal® is a self-adhesive, rubber modified bituminous sealing tape laminated with an aluminium foil on the upper side and contain no reinforcement. .
Available in Different size, width, length.

Pack Size : 100MM X 10M, 150MM X 10M , 225MM X 10M, 300MM X 10M

Appearance / Colour:
Tape available in two different colours:

Top side: Painted with aluminium foil, mat grey or terracotta brown.

Bottom side: Protected self-adhesive black bituminous tape with release film.

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We are a reputed Suppliers, Distributors & Exporters of a Bituminous Sealing Tape

What we do

We are expert in supplying of self adhesive Bituminous Sealing Tapes in overall India. We are delighted to provide our valued customers an extensive range of highly capable sensitive tapes which is most popular dynamic & static application including bonding, bundling , damping , enhancing , protecting, masking.

We are leading bituminous sealing tape Supplier in India offering different types of tapes such as Self-adhesive bituminous sealing tape, bitumen waterproofing sealing tape, aluminium flashing roofing, Industrial Adhesive Tape, Adhesive Tapes and Products, Colored Transparent Tape that are painted aluminium foil, matt grey & Lower side: Self-adhesive black bituminous tape protected with a release film to meet the requirements of industry’s applications. These tapes are offered in different widths, lengths and thickness.

sika Multiseal bituminous sealing tape

Features of Sika Bituminous Sealing Tape :

  • Easy to apply
  • Weather Proof
  • Self Adhesive
  • Can apply on low temperatures
  • Can be over painted
  • Compatible with bituminous substrates.
  • Resistant to UV exposure
adhesive tape application

Uses of Sika Multiseal Bituminous Sealing Tape:

Sealing and repairing against water ingress and draughts in:

  • Roofs including sheet metal work
  • Building cracks
  • Seals cracks and joints on building cracks, bathrooms, exterior walls, terraces, etc.
  • Bituminous felts and other types of roofing sheet
  • Other types of roofing sheet membranes

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