SikaTop Seal 107 Cementitious Waterproofing slurry & damp-proofing of concrete coating

The Sika Top Seal 107 is a two-part polymer modified, as well as a cementitious waterproof mortar slurry containing liquid polymers, which is important to consider, and is a type of cement-based mix with special admixture.

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Sika top seal 107 Waterproofing

SikaTop® Seal 107 - Waterproofing Chemicals

Sika Top Seal 107 is an Acrylic based polymer that can be used to repair and waterproof cement structures and constructions

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Bag, Bucket
Brand Sika Chemicals
Model No SikaTop® Seal 107
Basic Name 2 component acrylic cementitious waterproofing system
Usage/Application Waterproofing of : Toilets, Sunken Slabs, Flat Roof, Terrace, Basements, Water Tanks, Retaining walls, Sea Walls
Characteristics Easy to apply by brush or in thin trowel applications
No water required
Pre Batched components
Hand or spray applied
Easy and fast mixing
Very good adhesion
Protects concrete against carbonation
Protects against water penetration
Non-corrosive to steel or iron
Over paintable
Approved for potable water contact
Form of chemical Liquid
Category Waterproofing coating
Appearance / Colours Part A : White Liquid
Part B : Grey Powder
Mixed Product : Cement Grey
Packaging 5 kg System (Combipack) Part A: 1.0 kg container X 6, Part B: 4.0 kg bag X 6
25 kg System : Part A: 5.0 kg container X 2, Part B: 20.0 kg bag X 2, Part (A+B) : 25 kg X ready to mix units
Storage Condition 12 months from date of production if stored properly in original, unopened and undamaged sealed packaging in dry and cool conditions. Liquid component must be protected from frost.
Product Catalogue :

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We provide wide range of 2 component acrylic cementitious waterproofing system for Waterproffing of Toilets, Sunken slabs, roof, terrace, basements,water tanks, balconies, bridges, retaining walls, sea walls, flat roofs.

SikaTop® Seal 107

2 Pack Acrylic cementitious waterproofing coating system

Sika Top Seal -107 is a two-part polymer modified cementitious waterproof slurry consisting of a liquid polymer and a cement-based mix incorporating special admixtures. SikaTop® Seal 107 is useful for preventing water intrusion and is applied to concrete and mortar. It is a bit flexible to tolerate micro cracks and is also suitable in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Surface Preparation

Concrete, mortar and porcelain surfaces must be clean, free of grease, oil and loose particles. Steel and iron surfaces must be free from scale, rust, grease and oil. Sika Top Seal -107 used all surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. Saturate absorbent surfaces thoroughly with water before application.


  • Waterproofing of Roof Slabs, Sunken Slabs, Basements, Water Tanks, Sunshades,
  • For Making Polymer Mortar
  • Additive to Cement Based Paints for Waterproofing.
  • Treatment for Leaching & Salt Petre Action.
  • As a bonding agent for uses in repair and plastering


  • They can applied to damp backgrounds.
  • It dries fast, usually in just one hour to touch.
  • It has high flexibility, and extensibility.
  • It is non toxic.
  • Improved impermeability against water ingress

Applications Examples

Waterproofing Water Tank

Waterproofing Roof