sika cool coat acts both as a waterproofing and heat reflecting compound.

Satiates Solutions leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiate is the country’s leading provider of innovative solutions in Passive fire protection, Construction chemical and full line of professional waterproofing chemicals products like Sika cool coat waterproofing membrane etc.

The Sika Cool Coat is a flexible, fluid, resistant to the ultra violet rays and weather of the exterior structre, as well as an acrylic waterproofing membrane for all types of open roof slabs, terraces, etc.

Sika cool coat

Sika® CoolCoat - Waterproofing membrane

Single component, uv and weather resistant, acrylic based flexible, waterproofing, micro fibre reinforced, heat reflecting cum temperature reducing coating system.

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Bucket
Brand Sika Chemicals
Model No Sika® CoolCoat
Basic Name Heat reflective waterproof coating
Usage/Application Heat reflective cum Waterproof coating for roof,wall, asbestos, metal sheets.
Form of chemical Powder
Category Heat reflective waterproof coating
Appearance / Colours Gray
Application Method / Tools
  • Sika® Cool Coat is supplied in a single component pack and is in ready to use form. Stir thoroughly using a conventional paint stirrer prior to application.
  • It is best to apply the first coat of Sika® CoolCoay by brush or roller within 2-4 hours of priming. And never spoil the dry surface while running for application..
  • When in difficult conditions put Sika® Fab1 on the first coat
  • Apply the second and third coat of Sika® CoolCoat in the same manner at intervals of 6-8 hours between the two coats at the appropriate time.
  • Finally you can apply a thin layer of Sika® Cool Coat primer.. Suitable time interval is 6-8 hours between the two coats.
  • Storage Condition Stored properly in undamaged and unopened original sealed packaging in dry and cool conditions.
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    Sika® Cool Coat

    Apart from being single component, the coating system also has acrylic based flexible, waterproofing, microfiber reinforced, heat reflecting and temperature reducing features.

    Sika Cool Coat is a water-based primer comprising of self-cross linking acrylic emulsion polymer & additives in water as a medium. Cool coat of manufactured by Sika is a single component, liquid based and weather resistant and waterproofing membrane for all types of roofslabs. Satiate is the leading manufacturer of chemical building solutions & passive fire safety solutions. They supply sika cool coat paint for roof tiles are generally designed to reflect sunlight and observe less heat. As compared to the traditional paints, a cool paint or reflective paint has the capability of high solar reflectance. This means that your roof will have a higher ability to reflect the sunrays and thus reflect more sunlight as compared to that of the traditional paints.

    The membrane's low thermal conductivity acts as the insulating medium for preventing heat transfer. The long lasting glossy white colors reflect solar radiation that helps heat to back into the atmosphere which keeps the interior of a building cooler. This coating incorporates the waterproofing benefits as well as the heat reduction in a single product. Sika Cool Coat is a Using a cool paint on your roof leads to high thermal emittance, which has the capability to radiate absorbed heat back into the air and away from your household.

    USES :

    • Heat reflective cum Waterproof coating for roof,wall, asbestos, metal sheets
    • Roof slabs
    • RCC/ asbestos/ lime terraced roofs, etc. after suitable surface preparation and repairs
    • Sunshades
    • Suitable for repairing existing bituminous membrane
    • Can be used as exterior coating for PVC water tanks exposed to direct sunlight on roofs. Keeping the inside water temperature relatively cool.


    • High resistance to chloride penetration, hence highly suitable for saline environment
    • Algae and fungi resistant
    • Highly Flexible
    • Water vapour permeable
    • Simple and fast application (even at detailing)
    • Excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, corrugated asbestos, asbestos cement sheet and metal decks
    • Ultra violet rays and weather resistant
    • Water based hence eco friendly

    Applications Examples

    Roof slabs(flat and sloped) Coating

    Commercial Flat Roof Coatings

    Metal Roof Coating