SIKA grout 214

Cement Grouting is the infusion of pumpable Portland concrete based grout into a dirt or rock arrangement to change the physical qualities of the development. Concrete Grouting is the infusion under pressure of concrete or grout to fill voids or cracks in the dirt, rock unit or cement structure. Concrete Grouting is a procedure by which concrete is infused compelled to fill breaks and voids in solid structures.

Cement Grouting/infusion of grout, under pressure, into rock breaks will improve the strength of the stone development; Provide pre-building site improvement; Arrest establishment settlements; Stop shaking chunks in stockrooms; Repair cracks in machine bases; Rectify sinkhole issues; Lift and level pieces and establishments; Control delicate ground settlements in granular soils.

Cement grout are recommended for:

Sika concrete admixtures not only meet high requirements for durability, they fit the trends of recent concrete placing and architecture angles together with ecological necessities.

  • General civil development, raising baseplates, grouting precast individuals or giving sheet material mortar, section joints, and so forth.

  • Anchor jolts links or pole grouting not requiring supported high malleable burdens.

  • Applications of hardware or gear with temperature cycling or supported raised temperatures over 200°F.

cement grout application

Applications where concrete grouts might be utilized include:

  • Any establishment of noncritical turning gear or where long haul hardware unwavering quality and activity is certifiably not a significant concern.
  • Structural components needing greatest bearing help.