Sika Admixtures & Building Chemcials

Satiates Solutions leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiates is at the forefront of specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. A complete line of passive fire protection, building chemicals and commercial concrete adhesives and building chemicals products such as Sika admixture, Sika® ViscoCrete® 2100 Superplasticizer, Liquid Sika Concrete Admixture, Sika Plastiment Concrete Admixture, SikaPlast®, Sika® Viscocrete®, Sikament® etc.

Sika is the market for concrete admixture technology. You can choose the right solution from different types of Sika Admixture according to your construction.

Sika admixture:

Sika Admixture - Solutions for All Types of Concrete :

Admixtures are one of the components in high performance concrete.

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Drum
Brand Sika
Model No Sika Admixture
Basic Name Admixtures
Usage/Application Compatible with all type of cement and cementitious material.
  • Higher ultimate strengths for cost effective high performance concrete.
  • Increased slump improves workability andincreases labor productivity.
  • Normal setting time even at high dosage rates.
  • Helps in full flow in pumping and reduces the need for vibration.
  • Greater concrete density reduces permeability and increases durabil.
  • Characteristics
  • Water Reduction
  • High Plasticity
  • For Precast and Architectural Concrete
  • Storage Condition Liquid
    Category Concrete admixer
    Appearance / Colours dark brown liquid
    Product Catalogue :

    We are a reputed Supplier, Distributors & Exporters of a sika admixture for constructions solutions

    Backed by our adroit team of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with an assorted gamut of Sika Admixture, cement admixture, grouts, floor hardner, superplasticizer concrete admixture, mortar admixture, fosroc admixture, waterproofing concrete/mortar admixture for different kind of concrete structure repair works and in any specific requirements.

    Satiate Solutions is the leading supplier, distributors of Sika Admixture products for construction building solutions. We provide wide range of concrete admixtures for high performance, long-lasting, durable and beautiful concrete produced today . As a leading sika products distributors & sika admixture suppliers in the field of construction industry, we are engaged in offering a various qualitative range of sika solutions admixtures to our customers.

    Sika Admixture : Solutions for the World of Concrete

    Sika Admixture is an ingredient, either natural or artificial, used in the making of concrete or mortar other than water, cement or aggregates. It is primarily used to allow better control over the setting and hardening of the concrete, improve the qualities of the material or provide additional properties. Satiate is the leading suppliers of chemical building solutions & passive fire safety solutions.

    Sika Additives and additives should be differentiated in that these products are typically solid and applied to the cement during its manufacture, for example, set-controlling gypsum, stearate grinding aids, or as a one of the major component in the manufacture of concretes and mortars.

    To optimize the success of sika admixtures, builders need to ensure the correct batching and concreting methods are used. Most admixtures are supplied in ready-to-use form that can be added directly to concrete at the site or project site, but specific admixtures such as expansion agents and pigments are used only in minutes and are therefore batched by premeasured containers by hand.

    Sika Admixtures can be of two types:

    1. Chemical Admixture

    The modern building industry uses a number of concrete chemical admixtures to achieve desirable qualities as well as encouraging sustainability within them. Sika defines an admixture as a material other than water, aggregate, cement and fiber reinforcement, used as a constituent of concrete mortar and added to the batch immediately before or during the mixing process. Sika chemical admixtures are the smallest component of a concrete mix but impart significant beneficial effects on the concrete properties in terms of performance, durability, environment optimization leading to sustainability etc.

    The most common reasons for using chemical admixtures in a concrete mix are:-

    • To increase workability without changing water content
    • To reduce water content without changing workability
    • To effect a combination of above
    • To adjust setting time
    • To reduce segregation and/or bleeding
    • To accelerate the rate of early strength gain
    • To increase strength
    • To improve potential durability and reduce permeability
    • To compensate for certain poor aggregate grading/properties
    • Depressing the freezing point of water in concrete at extremely low temperatures
    • To maintain adequate freezing and thawing resistance of concrete

    2. Water- Reducing Admixtures :

    Sika water reducing admixture usually reduce water cement ratio while maintaining. Concrete which contains a water-reducing admixture requires less water than untreated concrete to reach a necessary slump. The treated concrete may have a lower ratio of water to cement. This typically implies the possibility of making a higher strength concrete without increasing the amount of cement. Sika water reducing admixture can be led to the development of mid-range water reducers.

    Water-reducing admixture is used to manufacture high-strength concrete to minimize cross-section of compression members in high-rise building, enhance concrete performance in hostile conditions, and much more.

    List of Water Reducing Admixture Product By Sika:-

    • SikaPlast® 4233 NS
    • Sika® ViscoCrete®
    • SikaPlast®
    • Sika ViscoFlow®
    • Sikament®
    • Sika® Plastiment®
    • Sika® Plastocrete®

    Applications Examples

    High Range Water Reducers

    Wet Precast Concrete Industry

    Sika Concrete Admixture