APP waterproofing membrane for all types of terraces & roofs

Satiate leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiate is the country’s leading provider of innovative solutions in Passive fire protection, Construction chemical, Waterproofing chemicals, Grouting compound, Admixtures chemical, highest quality sealants and extensive range of APP Waterproofing Membrane.

External structures of your building such as terraces and roofs are exposed to direct climatic factors and are more likely to leak if not properly protected. So we offer waterproofing solutions like app for both terrace and flat and sloping roofs to protect your home from water leakage during rainy season.

Satiate Solutions is Hilti Accrediated Firestop Speciality Contractor, Building chemical suppliers & Authorised stockist of wide gamut of SIKA solutions. Backed by our adroit team of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with an assorted gamut of APP Waterproofing Membrane used to prevent leakage in various areas.

As a leading distributors & supplier in the field of construction industry, we are engaged in offering a various qualitative Sika® WP Shield range of APP Waterproofing Membrane to our customers.

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Sika APP Membrane - APP Waterproofing Membrane :

Atactic Polypropylene APP Modified Bituminous Sheet APP Membrane

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Roll
Brand Sika
Model No Sika® WP Shield
Basic Name APP modified bituminous membranes
Usage/Application Basement, Terraces, Podium, Underpass, Bridges & Tunnels, Roof Gardens, Underground Car Parks, Medium to large roof slabs
  • Excellent bond with most substrates like concrete, screed mortar.
  • Bonds well with old bituminous substrates
  • Effective activation of the surface to receive the waterproofing sheet membrane
  • Specially Designed for tropical conditions
  • Category Waterproofing coating
    Appearance / Colours Black membrane, Upper finish Mineral Granules, Underside finish PE Film
    Packaging 1.0 x 10 m roll
    Thickness 1.2mm - 4mm
    Storage Condition Under cool and dry conditions, They must be protected from direct sunlight, rain, snow and ice, etc.
    Product Catalogue :
    Sika APP Modified Bitumen Membranes

    About APP Modified Bitumen Membranes

    APP uses polyester reinforcement or fiberglass reinforcement as the original source, and APP, APAO, as the modifier, and covers the insulation materials as polyethylene, sands, or gravels. A.P.P. (Atactic Polypropylene Plastomeric) type modified membrane, consisting of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt modified with selected high-grade visco-elastic polymers and reinforced with a high-quality non-woven polyester carrier.An APP waterproofing membrane is coated with either a sanded or talc top surface finish, while the bottom surface is embossed and protected by a heat-sensitive polythene film. APP-like finishing has been chosen for two specific purposes, such as for the lower surface.

    General-purpose APP Waterproofing Membrane designed and manufactured for the specific needs of the roofing contractors. The plastomeric modified bitumen polymer (BPP) which is used gives excellent flexibility and workability on any roof. The conductor is a non-woven reinforced polyester that offers excellent performance in terms of mechanical resistance. The high dimensional stability is obtained by insertion of a glass fiber reinforcement inside the polyester itself.

    We are a reputed Suppliers, Distributors & Exporters of a APP waterproofing membrane

    We are a leading APP waterproof coating suppliers and distributors of waterproofing membranes, app membranes and sbs membranes from Pune, India. Satiate Solution is recommended for APP Waterproofing Membrane of roof-tops, basements, terrace gardens, reservoirs, corrugated sheets, and sunken slabs. We are provided aluminum finish on the top to provide UV resistance and hence used for APP waterproofing where a membrane is not covered by other material. Due to the high UV resistance and the highest aluminum finish, this improved screen has excellent resistance to heat and cold.


    • Fine anti-water pressure and anti-leakage property with water tightness/impermeability effect; good tearing resistance, puncture resistance, weather-ability, mold resistance, fatigue resistance, aging resistance property; no dripping, no flowing under hot temperature; no crack under cold temperature with tight overlaps/edges/ends, no pollution/contamination and environmentally friendly.
    • High tensile strength, good elongation and self-healing property adapt to the contract/expansion of substrates as well as the deformed/cracked substrates, SBS membranes are widely used in the waterproof works of cold regions and the substrates which easily deformed; whereas APP Waterproofing Membranes are widely used in the waterproof works of high temperature and strong sunshine regions.
      Heat melting inhibits the working can be done in the whole year, easy working.


    Benefits of APP Waterproofing Membrane :

    • Some advantages of APP membrane is that it has enhanced bitumen performance which helps in UV resistance.
    • Glass and Polyester Reinforced
    • Easy installation
    • It is not affected by rapid changes in temperature and is still efficient during extremely hot and cold temperatures.
    • Cold Flexibility- APP waterproofing membrane also provides superior tensile strength while maintaining critical flexibility – even in the coldest environments which make it hard to crack. (-2°C & -5°C)
    • The efficacy of the system does not age with time as the product is a plastic base.
    • App Membrane has a center core of high molecular high-density polyethylene which is by itself waterproof.
    • Unique embossed torching surface.

    Typical uses include::

    • Basement
    • Terraces
    • Podium
    • Underpass
    • Bridges & Tunnels
    • Roof Gardens
    • Underground Car Parks
    • Medium to large roof slabs