Non Shrink Grout

Non shrink grout is an Cement based flowable , two stage expanding grout with selected aggregate. From basic void filling to exactness building applications we have a tremendous scope of grouting, tying down and fixing items to meet each circumstance. Concrete based grouts with non-contract attributes are utilized for filling and grouting of base plates in steel confined structures, hardware beds, crane rails, balustrades, connect bearing cushions and dowel bars. They can be utilized from "dry pack" to profoundly flowable textures without settling on quality and non - contract properties.

High quality pitch non - shrink grouts are accessible for circumstances requesting protection from dynamic stacking, vibration and erosion because of harsh situations and concoction assault. They are undeniably appropriate for hardware securing and bedding in the car and canning enterprises.

Our frameworks offer ideal answers for all high quality, non-shrink grouting, anchoring and fixing applications.

Non Shrink Grout application

Usage:Non Shrink Grout

  • Not prescribed for surface of incredibly high vibration
  • Grout ought to be shielded from freezing until after conclusive set
  • Repair precast units
  • Grout apparatus base plates and segment sole plates
  • Grout grapple jolts, dowels, and handrails
  • Infill channels and sleeves
  • Surface temperature of the grouted territory ought to be between 5 °C (40 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F)