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Satiate leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiate is the country’s leading provider of innovative solutions in Passive fire protection, Construction chemical and full line of professional waterproofing concrete mortar admixtures products like sika plastocrete plus and restoration products, .

Concrete repair mortar

Sika Plastocrete Plus - Sikacim® Integral waterproofing compound

Liquid integral waterproofing admixture for all types of concrete and mortar

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Plastic container
Brand Sika Chemicals
Model No Sika CIM
Basic Name Integral waterproofing compound
Usage/Application Waterproofing:
  • Basement
  • Water tank & water retaining structures
  • Bath rooms and balconies
  • External plastering
  • Repair and renovation
  • Sumps and drains
  • Characteristics
  • Required at a very small dosage, hence economical
  • Improves water tightness to a great extent
  • Performs multiple roles of water reducer as well as waterproofer
  • Improves workability without increased water content
  • Reduced shrinkage, better finish
  • Acts to disrupt the leakage causing capillary structures formed in concrete to cause leakages
  • No added chloride thus not contributing to corrosion of steel
  • Convenient to handle since suitable for both concrete and mortar
  • Supplied in consumer friendly pack
  • Form of chemical White liquid
    Category Integral waterproofing compound
    Appearance / Colours Pink Color Hazy Liquid
    Storage Condition Stored properly in undamaged, unopened, original sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +10°C and +40°C. Protect from direct sunlight and frost.

    Backed by our adroit team of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with an assorted gamut of Superplasticizer Admixture, Waterproofing concrete/mortar admixture for different repair works and specific requirements.
    As a leading distributors & supplier in the field of construction industry, we are engaged in offering a various qualitative range of Superplasticizer Admixture to our customers.

    Sika Plastocrete Plus (Sikacim®)

    A concrete / mortar admixture in liquid form that acts both as a plasticizer and waterproofing compound

    A Plastrocrete Plus is a highly efficient and economical water-reducing and set-retarding concrete admixture with a wide dosage range. By use of Sika Plastocrete Plus concrete of highest quality can be produced.

    When you apply the sika plastocrete plus, Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened material can only be mechanically removed. It should be dispensed directly into the mixing water prior to its addition to the aggregates. When accidental overdosing occurs, Plastocrete Plus of Sika does not entrain excessive amounts of air, however the set retarding effect increases. The concrete must be kept moist throughout this time, in order to avoid premature drying out.

    If over dosed it may retard the setting time of concrete. But no other detrimental effect will take place. Plastocrete Plus can be used after slow thawing at room temperature and after intense mixing if frozen and/or if precipitation has occurred. A mortar admixture in liquid form that acts both as a plasticizer and waterproofing compound.

    Satiate Solutions is the leading supplier, distributors of Sika Plastocrete Plus for construction solutions. We provide wide range of plasticizer and waterproofing compound use in structural concrete such as Sloped Roof Slab, Flat Roof Slab, Beams, Columns, Slabs. And also use in Internal and external plaster of buildings etc, Repair and renovation.

    USES :

    • Plastocrete® Plus is recommended for use in structural concrete such as:

      - Sloped Roof Slab
      - Flat Roof Slab
      - Beams
      - Columns
      - Slabs

    • Also used in:

      - Internal and external plaster of buildings etc.
      - Repair and renovation


    • Improved workability without increased water content
    • Allows easier compaction leading to denser concrete and superior finish
    • Reduced shrinkage
    • Improved water tightness
    • Chloride free - does not attack reinforcement

    Applications Examples

    Sika Plastocrete Plus Waterproofing Concrete Mortar Admixture

    Sika Plastocrete Super Liquid Integral Water Reducing Cum Waterproofing Admixture

    SIKA INDIA Waterproofing Concrete/Mortar Admixture-Plastocrete Plus for Construction