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Satiate leads the way for specialist services and solutions for the construction industry. Satiate is the country’s leading provider of innovative solutions in Passive fire protection, Construction chemical and Sika solutions for polyurethene waterproofing coating.


Polyurethene Waterproofing Coating : Sikalastic 450i

Product Specification :

Packaging Type Plastic Container, Drum, Bucket
Brand Sika Chemicals
Model No Sikalastic 450i
Basic Name PU based waterproof coating system
Usage/Application • Waterproofing of roofs,inverted roofs, podium.
• Waterproofing of bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchen and balconies, for example ceramic tiles.
Characteristic • Crack-bridging
• Elastomeric- cures with aerial moisture to a flexible and rubbery coating
• Single Component – No mixing and weighing at site
• Simple application – By Airless Spray or Roller
• Root resistant, Weather & uv resistant, Abrasion resistance, Hydrolysis resistant
• Resistant to mild acid and chemicals and industrial environment
Storage Condition Store at area from direct sunshine in dry condition at temperatures between +10°C and +30°C.
Form of chemical 65% solid
Category Waterproofing coating, Water Proofing Compounds
Appearance / Colours Black Liquid
Packaging 20 kg

Backed by our adroit team of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with an assorted gamut of Sikalastic 450i Polyurethane modified bitumen emulsion. As a leading distributors & supplier in the field of construction industry, we are engaged in offering a various qualitative range of Polyurethene waterproofing coating compound to our customers.
We provide wide range of polyurethane waterproofing liquid membrane technology to Waterproofing of roofs, inverted roofs, podium, patios, balconies, under tile wet areas, foundation and foundation walls, flowerpots, water wells, water tanks, and water-transport pipes against water.

Sikalastic®-450 (i)


Sikalastic® -450 (I) is a single component, elastomeric, aliphatic polyurethane based cold liquid applied , high build, waterproof coating system. It cures to form an elastic, seamless, waterproof coating with good crack bridging properties


  • Waterproofing of roofs,inverted roofs, podium.
  • Waterproofing of:

  • Bathrooms
  • Shower rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Balconies
  • Ceramic tiles
  • For waterproofing new construction and refurbishment project
  • Horizontal and vertical application


  • Single component and cold applied
  • High Early Strength
  • Easy to use
  • Environment friendly (water base)
  • NCompatible with cementitious tile adhesive SikaCeram® -250
  • Crack-bridging
  • Elastomeric- cures with aerial moisture to a flexible and rubbery coating
  • Single Component – No mixing and weighing at site
  • Root resistant, Weather & uv resistant, Abrasion resistance, Hydrolysis resistant

Applications Examples

Roof waterproofing

Floor waterproofing coating

Balcony waterproofing coating

Parking waterproofing coating

Top Polyurethene Waterproofing Coating Suppliers

A Polyurethene waterproofing coating is a specially developed polymers, properly selected and graded fillers. It cures to give a strong elastomeric, waterproof membrane by reaction with atmospheric moisture. This makes it especially useful for buildings where there are prohibitive solvent odours. It's a cold-liquid waterproofing solution with large solids that produces a smooth finish that is impermeable soon after application. Satiates polyurathene waterproofing coating has been a leading supplier of high performance polyurethane and polyurathene coatings.

The waterproofing coating has been made up of two components, reactor and base. The combination of both these in a specific design ratio creates a liquid coating for polyurethane waterproofing applications. This polyurethane application requires comparatively less expertise and supervision than other waterproofing systems such as sheet membranes and liquid applied membranes. Application is easy, and this form of treatment can also be used in post- applications.

This waterproofing coating has all the advantages of a polyurethane liquid applied roof system but during operation it does not emit any solvent odour. Highly resistant to ponded water, this waterproof surface provides the ideal protection against potential leaks. This addresses the problems associated with long-term flat, pitched and domed roof waterproofing and is compatible with most current roof membranes-even on weathered and degraded substrates. This Membrane Coating waterproofing is an ideal long-term solution.


Advantages of Polyurethane waterproofing systems :

  • Seamless finish
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Long term durability and wear resistant
  • High flow capacity results in efficient self-cleaning effect
  • Alkaline resistant fabrics, battery acid and flammable materials

Features & Benefits of Polyurethane waterproofing systems :

  • Cold curing, hard-wearing, versatile and abrasion-resistant coating
  • Fast installation
  • Binds strongly to reinforced construction, asbestos, stainless steel, construction-plated surfaces applied
  • Thermal stability – Permanent chemical cure at high temperatures prevents melting and flow