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sikacim-pink : Integral waterproofing compound

Sika CIM

  • SikaCim Waterproofer is a fluid admixture, liberated from chlorides, prepared for use for assembling waterproofing concrete. Fluid fundamental water diminishing cum waterproofing admixture for a wide range of cement and mortar Conforms to IS 2645-1975. Specially figured one of a kind pink shaded fluid fundamental water sealing compound for concrete, mortar and plaster dependent on Sika's innovation of exceptional specific polymers, surface dynamic specialists and added substances.
  • Sika is prescribed for use in basic and mass cement, especially for the accompanying Casting of rooftop slabs DPC Beams Columns Water tanks Culverts Tunnels Sewerage works virtually any place watertight cement is required Excellent for inner and outer mortar of structures and so forth. Fix and renovation Characteristics
  • Suitable with all assortments of Portland Cement including Slag Cement Minimizes loss of mortar because of bounce back in putting jobs, subsequently extraordinary simplicity of utilization and sparing Required at a little measurements, henceforth economical Improves water snugness, all things considered, Performs numerous roles of water reducer just as water proofer Improves usefulness without expanded water content Reduced shrinkage, better completion Acts to disrupt the spillage causing slim structures formed in cement to cause spillages No additional chloride in this way not adding to consumption of steel Convenient to deal with since appropriate for both cement and mortar Supplied in purchaser well-disposed pack. It respond with dampness and the free lime present in the capillary tract to shape a non-solvent solidify structure inside the pore arrangement of cement against water swelling.

Integral waterproofing compound

Integral waterproofing goes INSIDE the concrete. Membrane waterproofing has various issues. It tends to be costly, tedious, and easy to harm. Most Membrane are made utilizing oil-based materials and are not supportable. In the event that they release, it's not evident who caused the issue and there can be a great deal of blame dispensing. See hazard reduction to get familiar with the advantages of integral waterproofing over Membrane waterproofing.

Waterproofing characteristics :

  • Easy dosing
  • It is free from chlorides
  • It is consistent with other SIKA admixtures without mixing them before
  • It is consistent with all cements, except aluminous ones
  • Does not change the concrete or mortar mechanical resistances