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Micro concrete

Micro concrete is a concrete based covering which can be applied thinly (roughly 2-3mm) to a scope of various surfaces including tile and wood. Microconcrete is mix of concrete, high caliber reviewed fine total, shrinkage compensating specialists and scattering operators in powder structure advertised as dry powder in packets by development compound organizations.It gives the look and feel of cement at a small amount of the expense and weight of real cement.


  • Simple to blend and apply
  • It gives very thick concrete and accordingly is sturdy
  • It is appropriate for fixing huge zones
  • All element are premixed and requires expansion of just water, along these lines guaranteeing predictable quality
  • The ingredients are carefully picked to invigorate high
Micro Concrete : SikaRep® Microcrete-4

Micro Concrete : SikaRep® Microcrete-4

Ready to use non-shrink, cementitious micro concrete

SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is factory designed pourable, non shrink, repair concrete with selected cement, aggregate and other chemicals. Recommended water and coarse aggregate to be added at site as per requirement.

Uses :

SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is mainly recommended for the repair of damaged concrete structures e.g.

  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Slabs, etc.
  • It is also recommended for grouting of large gaps