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With the support of our professionals, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Carben Fiber Wrap Services to our numerous clients. Also, offer carbon wrap solutions are used for their perfect implementation, hassle-free management, reasonable cost and client-centric approach. Satiate Solutions is broadly known for maintaining the quality in providing carbon fibre wrapping service for structural strengthening.

Carbon-fiber- reinforced polymer (CFRP) has gotten a remarkable material in basic building applications. Contemplated in a scholastic setting as to its capacity benefits in development, it has additionally substantiated itself savvy in various field applications reinforcing solid, stone work, steel, cast iron, and timber structures. Its utilization in industry can be either for retrofitting to fortify a current structure or as an option strengthening (or pre-focusing on) material rather than steel from the start of an project .

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Wrap Solutions

Carbon Fiber Wrapping is an inventive answer for structural reinforcing.

  • Carbon fiber has extremely high elasticity and is additionally lightweight. When clung to the outside of a solid segment, pillar, or piece, it can include critical quality without including weight that would expand the load on establishments and other structural individuals.
  • A blend of normally carbon or glass fiber textures, and an epoxy resin, wrapping frameworks are specially crafted for each venture and application.
  • TCarbon Fiber Wrapping gives noteworthy solidarity to structures and ensures against further consumption and disintegration. The impenetrable material will shield a structure from dampness interruption and further consumption, decreasing the requirement for progressing upkeep work
  • Carbon fiber fortified cement or polymer is right now utilized worldwide to retrofit and fix basically inadequate frameworks, for example, bridges and construction. Carbon fiber fortified cement or Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) frameworks are a truly suitable alternative for fortifying solid, workmanship, and wood structures. Fiber Reinforced Polymer is additionally broadly used to fortify solid structures, structural carbon fiber wrap is more well-known than glass fiber wrapping and carbon overlay.

Typical uses include::

  • Increase load bearing capacity of concrete beams, slabs and walls
  • Repair or prevent seismic damage
  • Replace damaged or missing reinforcing steel